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Mikas reponse to the Avatar Academy
Mika stared at the map before crumpling it and throwing it away. She flipped open her glider and launched herself into the air. The campus looked really nice. Plenty of space for all the fighters to practice, with water and a fire proof area for the fire benders. Nice dorms, and an eating hall that actually smelled pretty good, the fragrance of cooking noodles made her stomach rumble. Mika had too many bad experiences with eating halls that were toxic, hopefully this one didn't serve onion banana soup.
The only thing missing was a place to smoke. She landed in the fire bending arena, pulled out a cigarette, and lit it. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled towards the sky. It looked like life was going to be pretty good here. The future looked nice for once.
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Name: Mika
Birthday: October 21st
Element: Mika is an airbender.
Nationality: Mika is the child of a traveling airbending monk and a poor Earth Kingdom
Height: 5'8"
Weight: About 125-130
Gender: Female
Body Type: Thin, and while her cups do not runneth over, they aren't empty either.
Strenghts: Observation, hard working
Weaknesses: "bad boys", meat
Personality: Snarky, but when she likes you you're in for life, a bit gossipy and very opinionated. Can have a nasty streak.
Likes/Dislikes: likes flying and komodo chicken, and mint cigarettes. Dislikes "perfect" people, the kind that roll out of bed looking amazing
Personality: Mika can be a bit snarky, but once she likes someone she is a friend for life. Because of her job, she knows a lot of the comings and goings in Republic City. She is naturally gossipy, but she can always be trusted to keep a secret. Born into a poor family, with 4 younger mouths to feed, she had to grow up quick. She often gets frustrated with people h
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Whimisical Zutara Week 2012 Calaveras
He could already hear what Sokka would say. "Man, are you whipped. Whoa-pa!" Imaginary Sokka cracked an equally imaginary whip over his head.
He couldn't help it, Zuko wanted to spoil Katara. To give her everything that she had never had in the South Pole. Thus it was difficult for him to really say no to her when it wasn't an argument. So on the Day of the Dead when she said that she wanted to celebrate, he smiled and agreed. He had even agreed to take her to the festival held outside the city dressed as common people.
What he had not expected was Katara to decide on a whim that she wanted to get their faces painted as skulls. Katara's had turned out beautiful. Her face was pale white with the touches of black that hinted at a skull, and line making painted teeth across her lips. On her forehead was a blue painted moon, with little droplets and waves of water flowing over her cheeks to a painted ocean on her chin.
His had not turned out so well. Katara had told the painter, "Something
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Transcend Zutara week 2012
"Well, there is this one tradition. It's not that important, but you can back out of it if you want. I mean you really don't have to do this. You really don't."
Katara's words rang in his head.  He should have listened to her. Of all the things she could be right about (and he doubted, or rather wouldn't admit that there were some) this might have been one of them. But he was stubborn and wanted to do this properly, complete with a hand carved necklace and the ceremonial trials.
The Southern Water Tribe had a tradition of making a future son-in-law undergo four tests. The bride's father, grandfather, oldest brother, and former lover (women could take lovers in the Southern Water Tribe before marriage) each chose a test that he would have to pass.
As Zuko sat looking at the four men, he wondered if it was too late to back out now.  But then Hakoda began to speak.
"Zuko, Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, do you present yourself to be tested, and if you pass to marry Katar
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Momentous Zutarta Week 2012
Katara studied the meditation pool in front of her, listening to the soft drip, drip, of the water falling into the bowl fat drop by fat drop. She studied the ripples, the concentric circles as they moved outward and then back in after they hit the edge colliding with other ripples, creating patterns only she could feel.
"Katara, it's time." Sokka looked at his sister. She stood there in her formal wedding wear. She struggled to stand. Her dress had four heavy silk layers, a bright blue shift, a dark blue silk dress over that with a silk belt, a white under robe with moons embroidered in silver, a navy over robe with more moons and oceans embroidered on it, a silver belt to hold it all together, and silver hair pins laced through the ornate braids in her hair and veil. It was not every day that one married the Avatar after all.
She looked at Sokka, in his finery he was every inch the leader of Republic City. She took his hand, was led out. There was so much blue with a few specks of gr
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Serendipity Zutara Week 2012
"The children are remarkable, and take after their father in most ways; they even have his eyes and hair. Their mother complains that even though they came from her womb, they look nothing like her. You will find he is an admirable boy. He has a strong sense of honor, and I believe with time and training he will make a fine fighter, much like his father.  The girl is quiet and shy; her brother is very protective of her. She does however take after her mother in the bending area."
The tang of the sea hung heavy in the air as Sokka and Zuko returned to Republic City. It had been almost two years since they had left on a mission to the South Pole and then the Fire Nation. They looked at the City lost in thought.
Zuko was excited to leave the boat. Iroh was staying in Republic City, and he hadn't seen his Uncle in years. He also was planning on seeing his lover again, though since it was still early in the day she was probably at the hospital and research center that she ran. Kat
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The group was sitting in the courtyard of the house on Ember Island. Zuko created a bonfire, Toph had made a pool in the ground and Katara had filled it with water. Katara was lounging half in half out of the water. Zuko was between her and  the fire with his feet in the water. Toph sat on the far side with Aang while Sokka and Suki at in the water of the pool.
They were all laughing and sharing stories from their travels. Aang shared his stories of Kuzon and of young Bumi. Suki shared her stories of the Serpents Pass and what people tried to bring on board. Zuko told about his run in with Nyla the xirxu and what happened afterward with Unlce Iroh and Jun.
"I know thatt his isn't one from our travels, but a few weeks before we found Aang, Sokka found Gran-gran's stash of arctic wine she used for antiseptic and pain killer. He hid two bottles in his parka and drank it all on the wall that he built. So late at night, he came in holding a penguin, no parka and no shoes and passe
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Tell me what you want to hear
Aang doesn't know that Zuko lied to him. When Katara went after Yon Rha, more happened than he said. But for her sake, and because she keeps his secrets, he'll keep it to himself.
He told Aang that Katara didn't kill Yon Rha. Technically, she didn't. Yon Rha had a bad heart to begin with, and when Katara rushed back to try and save him she discovered he had an arrhythmia and her threatening and blood bending had set him off.  Even though it was a technicality, Katara carried the guilt with her in her heart.  
Another thing he didn't tell Aang was how Katara had sought comfort with him the night after. How the sobs racked her body, how he had comforted her with the knowledge that because she had killed someone it didn't make her a monster.
It's something Aang never knew, it's something that he never could understand. How Katara suddenly advocated killing the Fire Lord, because he never knew that Katara killed to keep him safe and hope alive. He never understood how Z
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Until the End
Until the end, neither knew that the person they were talking to in secret sat just across the way in school.  They both ran in different social circles. He, though scarred, was the perfect example of what the new regime called the "superior man". Zuko was pale, strong, an exceptional fire bender, his hair was black and his eyes were a golden brown. She, while not the worst example of  the "inferior man", was not anywhere near his perfection and thus was considered lower class.
It began when Zuko accidentally found a letter. The letter was part of a secret circle of inferiors who had escaped the genocides and were hiding, and sending those letters to sympathetic superiors. No one knew anyone's real name, so all were safe, and protected as well as they could be. The circle was led by a man known as The Avatar.
When Zuko opened the letter it was like someone had reopened a world for him.
Dear who-ever-you-are,
I hope that you are reading this with an open mind, since
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When the moon rises full, Katara has visions. Not like Aang where he can go into the Spirit world, but where she dreams but they are far too real to be dreams. According to Yugoda, powerful healers have always had this ability but she hasn't seen a healer like that since she was a little girl, almost before the war started. So now when the moon rises, Katara prepares herself. Normally it's just conversations with Yue, who get quite lonely in the sky by herself. But recently it's been dreams of a past life, before any one and anything she's known. She knows that she's Oma in the dreams, since she's familiar enough with the legends to know. But who is the man? It couldn't be Aang, since Shu wasn't the Avatar. This time she gets ready to look in depth at the man, so she can know whom she sees.
Ever since the dragons, Zuko has understood more than he told Aang. The dragons imparted different knowledge on both. For Aang it was the courage to face fire bending. For Zuko it was so much more.
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We No Longer Wear the Mask
Katara wandered through the Air Temple; Aang was off earth bending with Toph and everyone else had separated off. After meandering around she found a great library, or rather what remained of it. The shelves rose to the ceiling (or was it the floor?) and the ashes and remains of the books lay scattered around. She felt almost out of place, walking in the literary graveyard, small puffs of ash and dust swirling around her feet. She collapsed in the middle. Though she never had much time to devote to it, Katara was a great reader. She looked at the tragedy with tears in her eyes, it was another blow the Fire Nation dealt to her.
But there, protected by a collapsed shelf and pile of ashes, was a book. Katara scrambled forward and dug it out with anxious fingers. Even if it was a book of Air Bending, she would read it. She pulled it out, the small scroll was a little charred on one end but otherwise undamaged.  She unrolled it. It wasn't a book of philosophy, or of air bending, i
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Summer blended into fall. Fall froze into winter. Whispers whirled around the court, about Morgan le Fey. Morgan the Witch Queen.  Said queen was sitting at the impressive desk in her study talking to several lesser knights from Cornwall. She had assured their allegiance as queen, and set them the task of opposing Lancelot if possible. She had become more worried. Lancelot's son, Galahad, had gone on a quest to retrieve the Holy Grail. Morgan had snorted at the idea. She was a Celt through and through, but since the Church was clearly a growing power; she needed to stay on its good side. She did that by becoming a "Christian" and trying not catch the attention of the Church. If Arthur had the Holy Grail, all of her plans would come crashing around her. With the Holy Grail, he would have the full and undivided support of the Church, and then he would be able to destroy Cornwall in an instant.
The knights left, and Morgan continued to work, pulling out a paper from Ireland, a c
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How Could I Not?
She sighed, put down the dishes she was washing and braced herself against the sink, before taking a breath and answering. "I don't want to. But he looked so happy when I said yes. I want to take it back, to never have said it. But when I try he looks so sad and disappointed and asks why I don't trust him."
Her head hung a little lower, and the strands of hair that were slipping out of her messy pony tail shielded her face.  "I love him dearly, I really do. I know that's crazy to say after only four months. But it's been eating me up that I agreed to this. I can't get it out of my head. I've been crying all week. I don't want to see what kind of mess I'll be when it actually happens.  I don't think I could handle it."
She stayed silent a moment before picking up another bowl and started to wash it. "That's why I'm cleaning your kitchen. It's meditative and calming. I don't have to think about anything when I clean a kitchen. I hope you don't mind."
"No, I don
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      We loved with a love that was more than a love. It is something I will never be proud of, what I did. I will never be able to say that I did that with my head held high, and proud. I will never deny it, but I will also never talk about it if I can avoid it.  Samson was a more than the brute fool that most think he is. He was kind and gentle, and would never do a thing to hurt the ones he loved. Yes, he loved his people, but the ones close to him that he loved most of all he helped even to his detriment.
      I loved him, never wanted to hurt him. But the Philistines wanted him out of the way. My brother and father had been political prisoners for years, they said they would release them if I could find Samsons weakness.  I told him of the their plan and he told me right away that he was never to cut his hair.  The three times when the Philistines tried t
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The Rule of Three
      3 minutes in, and they've looked at each other and seen a challenge.  Clever blue has met passionate green and they both see a chance to simply satisfy urges that have been present but never fully satiated. It starts physical, the girl looking at the boy out of the corner of her eye, admiring the body that hides beneath the black as she sips her tea and listens to the music. He sees the possibility of doing one of the more difficult things, sleeping with an ex's best friend.
      3 days later, they see each other again. Something they weren't counting on. He's working a booth at a public event. She is not a fan of what he's selling, so she only comes around when she needs to, to fetch her friend. Besides, she's there with someone else. Someone who has the chance of being more reliable, more dependable, more there than some guy, who always talks of sex and of his conquests,
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Red roses, the most vile of flowers, look pretty only when lying in shreds on the floor after beating the cheating dog out of the house.Red wine is best to toast freedom with, as the ruby engagement ring is flushed down the toilet. Red is a hatefully beautiful color.
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Random Favourites

Zutara Week: Storm
How long have I been in this storm?
They walked out of the chapel, hand in hand, a grin on her blushing face and a small smile on his. The clouds above were dark and gray but it didn't matter. He had her and she had him. She held the sky blue ("Blue." He had contradicted. "Sky blue!" She had yelled back.) Flowers in her right hand, and her white gown brushed the steps of the church lightly. The sky crackled and all the wedding attendees looked up. It was as if the heavens opened when the rain poured down. Looking back, Zuko took it as a sign. Everything bad was bound to happen during a storm. But at the time, he barely took notice of it.
He was 21, she was 20, they were happily married, going to have 5 kids, ("Five?" She squeaked. Zuko had nodded, nuzzling his head against hers.), and grow old together. That wouldn't happen, not now.
So overwhelmed by the ocean's shapeless form.
The tires screeched and the glass shattered. "Katara!" He yelled until his voice grew hoarse.
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Zutara Week 2010: AU
Katara fanned herself leisurely between sips of wine as she waited for Iroh to move the chess piece. The lace at her elbows swishing softly in time to her motions.
The sunlight poured into the large windows of Iroh's stately manor home. Tapestries covered the walls, the luxurious furniture meticulously arranged upon fine imported rugs in the game room in which they played their daily game of chess. Iroh, a former general of the Fire Nation, now retired in the great city of Ba Sing Se, sat in this opulent room with his courtesan, Katara. He had paid greatly for her and sincerely enjoyed her company. While she was certainly a beauty, he was not interested in all the duties that her title held. Unlike most men his age, at 19, was too young for his tastes and he relieved himself in women more fitting his age. Her ripe flesh was better suited for a younger man. The only reason he had taken her services was for her charm and grace. To have her on his arm during social events earned him more
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Zutara Week 3: Day 4: Date by Mad-Hatter-LCarol Zutara Week 3: Day 4: Date :iconmad-hatter-lcarol:Mad-Hatter-LCarol 58 25 ZW AU: Message to Seduce You by tipsycakes ZW AU: Message to Seduce You :icontipsycakes:tipsycakes 150 70 Zutara Week- AU by Taco-Zuzu Zutara Week- AU :icontaco-zuzu:Taco-Zuzu 63 10
Zutara Week Entry Six
Entry Six: Alternate Universe
The Once and Future Ship
"Are you going to be using that computer for much longer, Zuko?" Katara said.
Zuko glanced up from the screen.  The only email he ever seemed to receive these days was either spam or Fire Nation hate mail.  Abdicating in favour of his uncle had definitely been a good idea.
"Nothing here, really," he said, logging out.  "Waiting for an email from your dad?"
The large home the Gaang now shared, two years after the end of the war, was inside an abandoned Air Temple.  The real estate prices were pretty good in deserted areas like this, but phone reception was pretty bad, and all the temples were located in really out-of-the-way places.  They all would've died without cable internet.
"Nah," Katara said.  "I'm writing."
"An email?"
"No, silly.  Writing."
Zuko, confused, stood in the doorway as Katara began writing.  Moving closer, he saw the wor
:iconrainbow-ii:rainbow-II 10 3
Zutara Week - AU by Peach-Cobbler Zutara Week - AU :iconpeach-cobbler:Peach-Cobbler 340 100 NDK '09 - Libra by zetallis NDK '09 - Libra :iconzetallis:zetallis 1,403 71 The Libra by subaru01rins The Libra :iconsubaru01rins:subaru01rins 324 58
ZW '10 -- Day 3 - Pain
"Sifu, come quickly!! It's an emergency!" cried Deki as he burst into Katara's reception room.
"What is it now?" sighed Katara.
When she first agreed to train healers for the Fire Lord's palace, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Her two apprentices, Deki and Inose, sometimes made her want to quit waterbending altogether, they were that foolish. When they first pulled her out of an important council meeting under the pretense of an "emergency", she discovered that their definition of the word constituted nothing more than a few broken water jars and a missing practice dummy.
"Tell me exactly what it is that you need from me," said Katara.
"The Fire Lord is hurt! He was stabbed in the stomache and his old wound reopened. Me and Inose don't know what to do!" cried Deki, heading for her supply closet.
Katara's heart began to beat almost audibly as she rushed over to unlock the doors. After he and Inose used an entire vile of her Spirit Oasis water to hea
:iconakkigrl:akkigrl 18 4
ZW10-D5: Harmony by the-rose-of-tralee ZW10-D5: Harmony :iconthe-rose-of-tralee:the-rose-of-tralee 13 17 ZKWK10 - Harmony by zutaraxmylove ZKWK10 - Harmony :iconzutaraxmylove:zutaraxmylove 89 10 See... Fun by EthelBertie See... Fun :iconethelbertie:EthelBertie 308 68 date by axruma date :iconaxruma:axruma 176 9 ZW10- Pain by suiseiusagi ZW10- Pain :iconsuiseiusagi:suiseiusagi 165 62 ZW10- Date by suiseiusagi ZW10- Date :iconsuiseiusagi:suiseiusagi 836 204



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Hello Everyone!! Here are my pics for the best fiction from the prompt "Transcend"

My top pick today is from KatrinaKadabra with "The Death Visit"

This is a really beautiful combination of cannon and Zutara. It also shows Katara's emotions to the new Avatar really well, and also portrays Zuko's sense of honor with out him running around saying "HONOR" every few minutes. He shows a much more mature sense of honor, and it's very appreciated.

My next pick is from Orlissa with "Through Wide, Grey Eyes"

This one caught my attention because it isn't told from Zuko or Katara's perspective. It's from Aangs. It was a really creative twist on the theme, and I think it's really a brilliant work. Well Done!

Next is from HelloZukoHere,

This one is just so sad! But still really sweet. It seems that a lot of the submissions this week were very bittersweet and this was one of the best. The letter from Zuko at the end was a wonderful touch.

Congrats to the people who received mentions on the official Zutara page, and good luck on your Whimsical Wednesday!


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